Food fanatic tries Maccas items from all over the world

After a visit to the McDonald’s headquarters in Chicago, a food lover shared her favorite menu items after sampling them at Macca’s restaurants around the world.

Karissa went to find out what she was missing. It turns out that other countries offer a lot more delicious food.

The Sun reported that she first tried a Japanese banana tart McFlurry, which she enjoyed.

She explained, “It had a thick banana sauce and graham cracker topping.”

Karissa also enjoyed the McAloo tiki burger, which is a good option for vegetarians.

It is not available outside of India. But the food lover got to taste it at the Chicago headquarters.

She said, “The patty has a lot of flavour and is spicy.”

McArabia was disappointing. Although the chicken sandwich in pita looked like it was of high quality, it was too dry even with sauce.

Karissa, a Karissa from Australia, tried some onion rings that she described as “super crunchy,” but they needed more onion.

She topped it off with a Canadian creme brulee donut that was sprinkled with cookie crumbs.

Karissa gave the sweet treat nine out of ten because she liked the filling of sweet cream and the fresh icing.

Other people have revealed what they tried after she posted the food on TikTok.

One person stated that the McRacelette is the best burger in Switzerland.

Another person said: “I like the McRocket from Netherlands.”

A third person raved about the “chilli cheese fries” from South Africa.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and has been reproduced with permission.

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