Best Wines You Can Serve Anytime

It’s happened again. You were invited to a last-minute get-together with your friends. Now, you are responsible for bringing a bottle of wine. You’re now faced with the selection of liquor stores and trying to decide which one to buy. You are faced with choosing a label: the clever play on words or the adorable cartoon forest animals. No matter your choice, you will know there is a better way of selecting the right wine for your dinner party.

Over the past few years, wine-drinking rules have become more relaxed. No longer are we bound to guidelines that red wine should be used for beef dishes, white for seafood and chicken, and rose for summer. Bottles (or cans!) of red, white, and rose wine go well with almost everything. Mix things up and add ice to your drink. *

Are you ready to skip the tasting notes? Enjoy our selection of wines, perfect for intimate dinners with family and friends or just relaxing on the patio. Make sure to bring ice.

Nottingham Cellars Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

The glass opens to a green apple, pineapple, and white peach bouquet. It then welcomes the tropical, tart, and racy flavors that will follow. The bright and refreshing opening is followed by a slow, smooth finish that will leave you wanting more. You can enjoy it paired with your favorite dish or chilled on hot summer days.

Gruet Sparkling Wine Demi-Sec 750ml

Are you feeling bubbly? This Demi-Sec has a toasty bouquet that is filled with the aromas of peaches, apples, and pears. These aromas are transferred to the palate immediately after the first sip. Then, the flavors transition to an exotic and well-balanced finish of honeysuckle. This wine is perfect as a dessert wine or a refreshing tipple for sweet-toothed people.

Red Saved 750ml

Are you having trouble making a decision? This stunning red blend is from California’s wine regions. It contains Merlot, Malbec Syrah, Zinfandel, and small amounts of other red varieties. The result is a powerful, robust wine with a big personality. The bright aromas of vanilla and fig will attract you and take you to rich flavors of blackberry, spice, and a long and satisfying finish.

Wyndridge Vines Rose 4pk 12oz Can 7.0% ABV

Can you get wine in a can? Why not? Windridge only uses the finest fruits to create refreshing drinks that can be taken anywhere. The sparkling rose has a floral aroma that ends in an off-dry finish. The delicate flavors of grape, citrus, and melon for a satisfying, sweet, accessible finish complement the light, refreshing mouthfeel.

Gerard Bertrand Hedo Rose, 750ml

This rose wine is full-bodied and well-balanced, imported from Languedoc in France. The bouquet bursts with summer fruits, cassis, and red currant aromas. It also has a flirtatious combination of rose and grapefruit scents. The first sip is full of vibrant red berry flavors. They then fade to subtle varieties of strawberry, mint, pink grapefruit, strawberries, and lemon verbena for a long-lasting finish.

Yellow Tail Pure Chardonnay 750ml

Yellow Tail Pure Bright Chardonnay is a classic Australian wine. It has bright notes of peach and vanilla and a smooth, silky finish. This wine is an excellent complement to summer meals of lobster, garlic butter, and vegetables.

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