Get the best Margarita Mixes to spice up your cocktails for you and your friends.

There are two kinds of people on the planet: those who love margaritas and those who haven’t tried them. What is it that makes margaritas so unique? Could it be the fresh citrus zest? It’s the balance between sweetness and salt. Is it the savory taste of tequila or sweetness? These Mexican drinks are great fun, no matter how you enjoy them.

How can you make a margarita that is authentically delicious at home? It’s easy to make a classic margarita. The recipe is simple:

  1. Mix fresh lime juice with a triple-sec liqueur like Cointreau to add citrus flavor.
  2. Mix all ingredients in a shaker.
  3. Add ice to the glass. You’ll have the perfect margarita.

What if you need the ingredients or the time to make a margarita? Do you feel like you can’t do it? Don’t worry! If you need to learn to make margaritas from scratch, you won’t be drinkless. You can save time by using pre-made margarita recipes. Add tequila to your favorite margarita mix, and you’re good to go.

Let’s look at the best margarita recipes that will have you shouting old no matter how fast.

Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix 1 Liter

Jose Cuervo brings together the sweet and tart flavors of lime juice and Agave and adds just enough heat to make this crowd-pleasing mix. Jose Cuervo is perfect for margaritas on rocks or frozen.

Owen’s Margarita Mix, 750ml

Owen’s Margarita Mix is a perfect choice if life throws you lemons. This slightly carbonated mix of fresh-squeezed lime and 100% all-natural agave nectar is all you need for a great homemade margarita. Just add tequila. Enjoy the good life with tacos.

Mr & Mrs. T’s Margarita mix 1.75 Liter

This refreshing margarita mix combines the sweet, tangy taste of fresh lime with orange sweetness to make a delicious and easy-to-drink cocktail. You can mix it right from the bottle. You don’t need to take your passport to enjoy a margarita.

Master Mixes Margarita Mix 33.8 Oz

Master of Mixes uses authentic Key lime juice from a small area of coastal Mexico. Essential citrus oils, simple syrup, and pure agave nectar are added to create a refreshing and original margarita cocktail mix. This versatile mixer is expertly blended. It can be used on the rocks or in frozen cocktails.

Tres Agaves Organic Margarita Blend 1 Liter

Tres Agaves Organic Margarita drink mixture makes a delicious and inviting margarita. This mix combines four organic ingredients: agave nectar and lime juice, filtered tap water, vitamin C, and vitamin A to combine the sweet flavors of oranges, limes, and vanilla with a subtle vanilla finish. This mixer has a delicate balance of sweetness and tang that will elevate your margaritas to a higher level than the average.

Jose Cuervo Strawberry Lime Margarita 1.75 Liter

Sometimes you feel a lot more sweet than sour. You can keep pursuing a margarita. Jose Cuervo created their Authentic Strawberry Lime Margarita cocktail mixture for such occasions. This fruity mix is made with the same high-quality ingredients as their Margarita Mix. It also contains a natural strawberry flavor. One sip will take you to your favorite beach.

Stirring’s 5 Calorie Margarita Recipe Mix 750ml

We know it’s hard to believe, but sometimes you can’t have too much sugar. Stirring offers a 5 Calorie Margarita mix. Stirring uses Key lime juice concentrate and natural flavors to create a low-calorie, authentic-tasting margarita mix without adding sugar. Stirring makes it easy to feel good about the drink you are drinking.

What can I do to improve the margarita mixture?

Although margaritas can be enjoyed as-is, they are delicious. However, sometimes it is nice to change things up. It’s okay to experiment. These are some ideas for making a margarita more interesting.

Feel the heat. Try a spicy margarita. Add a little habanero chili or muddled jalapeno to your regular margarita recipe. For an added kick, you can add salt and chili powder to the rim of your glass.

Switch the juice. Traditional margarita recipes include natural lime in the flavor profile. If you want to break with tradition, substitute the lime flavor mix for another fruity variety. You can also add a splash of grapefruit, orange juices, or lemon juice. Try mango or pomegranate juice for a completely different flavor. You can adjust the amount of mixer to suit your preference for sweetness in your margarita.

Mix it up. Tequila can be the star of the marg-show, but that doesn’t mean it has to. You can also use Mezcal in margarita cocktails (hello, mezcalarita!) You can also try vodka, gin, or white rum.

Make it attractive. To give margaritas a citrusy glow, orange liqueur can be added. While Cointreau is the preferred choice, you can substitute blue Curacao to get a refreshingly new taste and brighter color.

Hot Take: Margaritas can be made gluten-free for those with dietary restrictions. However, most mixes are gluten-free. Make sure you check the label.

How do you calculate the ratio of margarita to tequila?

It’s easy to recreate a classic margarita recipe at home. It’s three parts tequila to two parts margarita mixture and one part triple sec. You can adjust the quantities to suit your taste buds and salt your glasses.

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