Prince William and Princess Kate weigh in on the big scone debate

All of us know that the Royal Family enjoys scones (remember when Buckingham Palace revealed Her Majesty the Queen’s favorite recipe for fruit scones?). Still, one member has now officially entered the “jam or cream before?” debate.

It’s that debate about topping your scones with cream or jam.

What is Prince William’s favorite scone recipe?

The nation was waiting with bated breath when the Prince and Princess arrived at an NHS Tea Party at a London Hospital. Former Great British Bake Off host Mel Giedroyc asked what toppings they used on their scones.

This may be an exaggeration, but we think most Brits leaned a little closer to their televisions or slurped their tea louder.

Princess Kate said confidently: “I like jam and cream.” But Prince William casually replied: “I choose whatever is nearest to me.”

We don’t know what the Queen would think about this man’s relaxed scone-topping etiquette. She was a fanatic of jam and cream.

The Great Scone debate

We’re certain that you have discussed whether you are from England or Australia at some point in your life. asked its Facebook fans: Which is the correct way to eat an English scone? More than 18,000 people voted, and 17,000 of them said that jam should be eaten first. Only 1000 said cream.

It’s safe to say that it was not a close vote. However, the people were not afraid to voice their opinions.

One voter asked, “What type of psychopath would be the first to eat the cream?”

What do you use first to spread on your scones?

Cream and then jam. Jam first, then cream. I prefer butter to jam

Matt Preston, our official English foodie in the office, weighed in on the debate. He said: “It is always jam first in Australia due to the lower butterfat (and increased instability) in the cream here as compared to denser clotted-cream traditionally used in Devon or Cornwall.”

Australia’s favorite scones’s recipe for the fluffiest scones is the best way to start.

It’s no wonder that this recipe is Australia’s top-rated, most-cooked scone – with 400 rave reviews.

This recipe uses only plain flour and self-raising powder, as well as milk and butter, to help you create the perfect scones that are golden on the outside but fluffy on the interior.

Only then will you be able to start putting pressure on Jam and Crea.

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