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  • In the past, Bengaluru has turned into a critical hub to be in for the F&B industry.
  • We’ve seen a lot of new restaurants opening catering to the foodies.
  • We’ve put together the top restaurants in one of the city’s food hotspots.

Chef Manu Chandra’s choice of locating his first venture on his own at LUPA, situated on MG Road, reflects a new market dynamism in Bengaluru. The city’s CBD, close to MG Road, including spots such as Church Street, is back in the mix. In the past few years, high-end residential areas such as Indira Nagar and Koramangala have displaced the city’s leading food and beverage hub. Large-format microbreweries required more space and began moving further and further away from the city’s center while establishing new food and beverage zones along the path. The scene has changed post-pandemic since we’ve shifted towards hybrid or work-from-office models. This has boosted the excitement of the CBD with notable experiences such as The Record Room and Boteco and Boteco, which all opened within the last year. We’ve put together a list of the most popular spots on or close to MG Road:


8 Of The Best Restaurants In And Around MG Road, Bengaluru:

  1. LUPA:

It’s located right in the middle of MG Road and in an area that brings us back to Bangalore (not Bengaluru) that we all aren’t able to. Manu Chandra’s first restaurant venture is named after the La Lupa (The legendary she-wolf) of Roman mythology. The concept is to evoke an old-fashioned Italian trattoria’s relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. We enjoy the gelato counter and salumeria (the small plates bar) serving cold cuts. The Italian restaurant is divided into several spaces with distinctive designs, and the menu is perfect.


  1. Brassa:

Mexican, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Japanese tastes are combined in this modern dining experience designed by the group behind the well-known Bengaluru restaurant chains like Lucky Chan. This bar and restaurant is located on the rooftop. It is stylishly designed, featuring gold and white accents. The restaurant at St. Marks Road, Brassa, also offers a diverse mix of modern and classic cocktails. The most popular items are tacos, grills, and sushi. We recommend the parmesan churros and the cake with rose tres leches.


  1. Boteco:

Chef Guto Souza’s love of his Brazilian food inspired the first authentic Brazilian restaurant and bar. Boteco represents a genuine Brazilian drinking establishment focusing on high-quality nutrition and tasty dishes. Boteco is one of the CBD’s most lively dining spots, filled with sunlight and beautiful murals. It would help to try the deep-fried cassava croquettes with cheese, lemon mousse, and a huge meat platter.


  1. Bombay Borough:

It’s an excellent location, once a historic building, and is now a trendy bar that’s the ideal spot to have an informal lunch at work or a late-night catch-up with your pals. It’s a new version of Indian food and a contemporary perspective with an explosion of regional and hyper-local flavors. We particularly like the indoor area, a maze of creative spaces with hand-painted ceramic wall panels and contemporary art. We suggest tryingTry the Kolhapuri Lamb Chops and the Mishti Doi Cheesecake while you’re there.


  1. Toast and Tonic, Bengaluru:

Walls of chips, a large bar adorned with pinewood, and hand-crafted lighting fixtures combine to create a typical Manhattan style of the 1960s. The interiors are influenced by the free-thinking spirit that was New York’s East Village of the 60s. The gin and tonics they serve are famous, while the menu is free of clichés with a focus on local produce. We also like Their Old Fashioned with bacon-infused Bourbon. People who frequent their establishment swear by their small plates, like Naga chicken wings. Naga Chicken Wings.

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