The Australia restaurant chain

It is scheduled to bring its “great burgers and insulting service” to Chicago residents this week in an event in the form of a pop-up.

A waiter gets the microphone at Karen’s Diner allowing customers to participate in various questions.

Karen’s Diner is an unusual chain in the restaurant industry: it promises rude servers and poor service.

Afflicted the title of”an “interactive diner,” the “interactive diner” Australian-based restaurant focuses on the Karen stereotype in the sense of “being a Karen” “being a Karen” to its poor dining experience and amplifies it, making rudeness and forced games a part the enjoyable. The waiters are extremely ruthless, and one patron notes the server’s request: “Do you want me to wipe your arse for you as well?” When the server “dared” to ask for mayo and ketchup.

There are some guidelines to ensure the horror and comments are not racist, and no sexism, homophobia or sexism or body image-related remarks, and no comments about ableism.

The chain has over two dozen locations across seven countries, from Singapore to Singapore to Canada. After opening its debut U.S. location in St. Louis in the past year, it’s launching its first pop-up shop in Chicago next week.

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Chicago Media Takeout claimed it’s an experience similar to Chicago’s Ed Debevic’s and Wiener’s Circle -two restaurants that boast of providing unsatisfactory service, with rude servers deliberately.

Its Instagram pictures a waitress from Karen’s Diner tersely dropping the food onto the table and then giving the customer a middle finger before taking a bite out of their food and leaving.

The cafe generally had positive reviews about the specific ” decidedly trashy and super fun” experience; however, the reaction on social media was not particularly interesting at best.

“No idea what the fun part about this is. It’s not appealing at all,” one person said.

“Why would someone go to a place like this?” Another person wrote.

But Karen recognizes that there aren’t any guarantees. The chain is open about its dining experiences, saying customers are expected to experience “madness,” per the company’s site.

“Can’t complain, You don’t go for the food, you go for the experience and knowing this will happen,” one user wrote on the thread.


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