Kingston v Monte Carlo: which Arnott’s biscuit wins the battle?

When afternoon tea comes around and sugar cravings strike, one biscuit springs to mind.

This biscuit predates the workforce and serious adult life. This was an old-fashioned treat from the biscuit tin. This deep red box would shake with delicious treats inside.

Our debate begins when you drop your hand into the water, hoping that it will be rewarded.

Arnott’s is a favorite of mine (and I am sure it is for all other Arnott’s fans). Monte Carlo is the ultimate treat. Some prefer kingstons.

Some have even said, “Kingstons is King”. It’s time, to be honest, to grab the pitchforks.

Kingston v Monte Carlo showdown

It gives me no pleasure (well, a little) to say that these people are wrong. Kingston is a good choice, as it is crumbly. Sure, the chocolate inside adds something creamy. But that is where it all begins.

The biscuits are also plain, and I’m sorry if that offended you.

This biscuit is not only average, it’s also not exceptional.


Which of these two Arnott cream-filled biscuits is your favorite?

The Monte Carlo is the true hero on the tray. The inside is sweet and tacky, reminiscent of Nan’s sponge cake or strawberry ripple cake.

Two generous golden coconut and honey biscuits are sandwiched together with a creamy vanilla middle.

It’s a generous biscuit. When you want it to go that extra mile, give it a neat twist and split. Then, of course, a dunk. A dunk is always a must.

The best Monte Carlo Recipe

What’s better? If you’d like to make your own rather than buying a pre-made packet, then you can.


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