Sweet and savoury jaffle recipes you have to try at least once

As a child or as an adult, nothing beats a simple jaffle toastie for a quick lunch, snack, or dinner.

There’s much more to a jaffle than cheese and baked beans, although those are always popular.

This taste.com.au recipe will make you want a jaffle for every meal, including dessert.

The versatile and popular kitchen gadget, the Jaffle, can be used in many ways.


Jaffles of baked beans and avocado with crispy bacon

Serve this hearty Jaffle with a fried yolk on the side.

Creamy tuna and corn jaffles

These super-easy jaffles are ready in just 15 minutes, and they are made with pantry staples such as canned tuna or corn.

Savoy chicken and sesame waffles

This satay jaffle with peanut butter and hoisin is a delicious way to update a classic.

Cheesy maple bacon jaffle

These extra cheesy maple bacon jaffles are sure to please the whole family. They’re also ready in 15 minutes.

Cheeseburger jaffle

This delicious twist will take the humble Jaffle from ordinary to extraordinary.

Jaffles of slow-roasted pork with coleslaw

Enjoy these delicious, smoky, slow-roasted pork jaffas for lunch or dinner with slaw and crisp crackling.

Jaffles with mushrooms and cheese

Add a little fruit chutney with mushrooms and cheese to these jaffles for extra flavor. You can serve these with a bag of chips.

Jaffles with corned beef, mustard, and

Enjoy a tasty lunch with these toasted gherkin and corned beef sandwiches.

Super-easy pizza jaffles

These pizza jaffles are a great afternoon snack for children.

Lasagne in 10 minutes

Do you have leftover bolognese in your refrigerator? This recipe will turn leftover pasta sauce into an easy, delicious lasagne that can be made with a jaffle maker.

Ricotta and spinach filo Jaffles

The whole family will love this low-calorie, vegan pastry snack made with cheese.

Green Jaffle

Our tasty green toastie will make up for the green smoothie you missed at breakfast.


Jaffle maker apple pies

This classic winter dessert is made with only five ingredients, including cooked apple filling and puff pastry. It’s ready to eat in 25 minutes.

Nutella, custard, and bread and butter pudding Jaffle

This super-speedy dessert can be made in just 10 minutes with only six ingredients.


Mixed Berry Jaffle

This sweet and simple dessert is a jaffle of mixed berries.

Fairy bread doughnuts

Why buy doughnuts from the store when you can make them yourself with a jaffle machine? These sweet treats are the ultimate Aussie party foods. They have a fairy-bread twist.

White chocolate & raspberry ricotta Jaffle

This super-easy dessert only takes ten minutes to prepare. Serve with some ice cream or custard to make this dessert even better.

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