Mixing Drinks That Are Super Simple and Easy to Make You Will Love It!

After a long work day, sometimes you don’t feel like going to the bar. You want to relax at home. Drinks with vodka, blue curacao, or fine rye whiskey are all options.

Although a cocktail shaker or set of martini glasses can make the process more enjoyable, they are not necessary for these drinks. These drinks are easy to make, even for novice mixologists.

Here’s how to make mixed beverages and a list of simple, delicious recipes if you want to solve this problem.


A margarita is a classic cocktail recipe that’s easy to make: mix triple Sec or Cointreau, Tequila, and Lime. Finish the drink with a salt rim and a lime wheel.

To make quickly mixed drinks, you can use premade margarita mixes.


It’s easy to make an old-fashioned one. Add ice cubes or simple syrup, water, an orange peel, and a shot of whiskey. You’re done.

Moscow mule

Moscow mules can be classified as mixed drinks. You only need vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. Mix the ingredients and enjoy.

The best thing about the mule? It’s so simple to make; you can even swap the liquor for whiskey or another type of alcohol.

Bloody Mary

The brunch drink is the bloody Mary. Mary falls again into the “Is this a cocktail? Or something else?” It is a mixture of tomato juice and vodka. There are also garnishes such as celery sticks, asparagus, and cheese.

It has a unique, tart taste and heavy use of food elements, making it one of the most filling mixed drinks. It can be enjoyed as a snack.


Daiquiris are bold and elegant, despite their simple name. This drink is made with around 2 oz light rum, half a lemon, lime, simple syrup, and a few ice cubes. It can be drunk in a matter of minutes. After you are done, enjoy the beverage on your porch while you soak in the sun. You can also use a chilled glass if you feel fancy.


To make classic mimosas, you only need to add orange juice or champagne. Mix them in a flute. You can garnish the top with an orange peel or wedge if you feel fancy.

This drink is casual and pretty, making it perfect for wedding showers, fancy dinners, or upscale get-togethers.


Are you looking for Cuban classic drink recipes that only take a few minutes to make? The minty mojito is a combination of ice cubes and club soda. It also contains white Rum and simple syrup. You can garnish it with half a lime and some mint leaves.

The best thing about mojitos is their simple structure. You can swap out alcohol to create a different flavor profile if you don’t like Rum.

Lemon drop martini

Who hasn’t heard about a martini before? Okay, silly question. Perhaps you are new to lemon drop varieties. It only takes a few ingredients: vodka, lemon juice, and simple syrup. It was garnished with a garnish.

Lemon beverages and summer weather go hand in hand, so relax and enjoy the sun.


This Italian cocktail has a unique name. It is made up of Gin and Campari. Then, it is topped with ice and an Orange Peel. You can keep it traditional using a lemon wedge instead of an orange.

Aperol spritz

Although the name “Aperol Splash” might sound like a soft drink, it contains club soda. The final product is more extravagant than that.

The original intention of this Italian drink occurred in the early 20th century. It was then made famous worldwide. This drink can be made by mixing Aperol with chilled prosecco and club soda. Serve with an orange slice.

Gin tonic

Should we include the most popular mixed drinks on this list?

A simple mix of ice cubes and Gin is the crowd-pleasing Gin & tonic. It’s made with tonic water and lime juice. Mix the ingredients, and then enjoy your drink. This is an excellent choice if you feel tired after a long day.

Whiskey highball

The whiskey highball is made with ice cubes and soda water. It’s topped off with a lemon wedge. You can skip the wedge if you rush, but this cocktail will save you some time.

Spiked lemonade

A spiked lemonade is the best choice for a quick boost.

These tequila drinks are great for hot weather and to ease the strain of a busy work schedule. This drink contains lemonade, lime juice, ice, and tequila. This drink is often measured by its taste.


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