Restaurant  China XO

In addition to Chennai’s biggest asset is its population. The city is also well-known for its exquisite dining and elegant al-fresco dining. In recent times Chennai has been able to enjoy the added glitz of modern glamour with luxurious hotels, vibrant clubs, beautiful cafes, and stylish eateries. Some of them are renowned for their delicious food options in Chennai. From southern India, from south Indian to Italian, American, Japanese, and even Chinese,, You will surely discover at least two or three excellent places to visit. But in the case of Chinese specifically, there’s a place that meets all of the criteria, and it’s China XO, located at Leela Palace Chennai.

China XO is a popular location for a lot of Chennaites as well as tourists. It’s been there for many years, and, despite the numerous Chinese restaurants that pop up in downtown Chennai, this spot remains a stalwart. Recently, this restaurant held a pop-up shop at The Leela Palace in Delhi and Gurgaon to showcase an experience of chef Tej B Saru Mgr’s delicious food offerings at China XO, The Leela Palace Chennai.

The menu is extensive, and the starters include various choices ranging from lamb, seafood, or lamb to pork and even vegetarian options. We chose Sichuan Chilli Chicken with peppercorn with lantern chilies, and green onion was an obvious winner.

For the main course, We tried a dish of incredibly delicious Chilli Lobster, served with steamed man tau buns and Wok Fried Garlic Flavored Seasonal Greens. It will surely make even the most staunch non-vegetarians love the comforts of a tasty vegetarian dish. In terms of comfort, their Prawns served with a butter-garlic sauce are the kind of dish that no seafood lover would resist. They’re great for cravings for something delicious and crispy on a cheat day.

China XO offers a tasty meal with exciting and familiar flavors. If you’re in Chennai or visiting it, we recommend you dine in China XO, The Leela Palace 

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